Vanessa Locicero of Soul Attorney

In the serene landscapes of Duntroon Highlands, Vanessa Locicero stands out not just as a golfer but also as a beacon of legal expertise and entrepreneurial empowerment. Her journey from the bustling kitchens of the hospitality industry to the dynamic realm of law and entrepreneurship is a testament to her unwavering commitment to growth and community service.


Vanessa’s career trajectory is as fascinating as it is inspiring. Initially trained as a chef, she honed her craft in the demanding world of hospitality, where precision and passion are the ingredients of success. However, her journey took an unexpected turn when she discovered her calling in law. Transitioning from the sizzle of the kitchen to the rigors of legal practice, Vanessa brought with her the same dedication and drive that fueled her culinary pursuits.

But Vanessa’s legal journey isn’t confined to traditional paths. Instead, she’s carving out a unique niche, focusing on making legal education accessible to entrepreneurs at Soul Attorney. Recognizing the daunting challenges many business owners face when navigating the legal landscape, she’s on a mission to empower them with knowledge and confidence with Legally Lit, a legal education program for entrepreneurs. By demystifying legal complexities, Vanessa ensures that entrepreneurs can focus on building their dreams without fear of legal pitfalls.


Beyond her professional endeavors, Vanessa is deeply involved in her community, weaving her passion for golf with a commitment to social causes. As an active participant in ladies’ golf events, she not only hones her skills on the fairways but also fosters camaraderie and support among fellow golfers. Her dedication extends to organizations like Girl Time Inc., Monarch Community, and Collingwood Foundry groups, where she volunteers her time and expertise to uplift and empower those around her.


One of Vanessa’s most notable contributions is her involvement on the Board of Directors of Home Horizon, where she plays a pivotal role in providing support and resources to individuals and families facing housing challenges. Through her philanthropic endeavors, she embodies the spirit of giving back and making a tangible difference in the lives of others.



Vanessa Locicero’s story is a testament to the transformative power of passion, perseverance, and community engagement. As she continues to tee up success both on and off the golf course, her journey serves as a reminder that with determination, one can truly make a meaningful impact in the community.