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COVID-19 Notice


by PlayFitt 

As the transmission of COVID-19 continues to grow within Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit (SMDHU), and indeed throughout the rest of the province and the country, we are facing a critical time in our fight against this disease. We must reinforce and increase our efforts to contain its spread. This second wave of transmission impacts our lives, our businesses, our work, and the ability of our healthcare system to manage the increased demands on its services.

Our local data indicates that COVID-19 cases in our area are at the highest levels to date, confirming the upward surge of this disease, currently placing us in the Orange/Restrict level of the province’s current COVID-19 Response Framework. Furthermore, in keeping with provincial projections we are on track for much higher disease levels unless we take more action to curb its spread.

Key factors contributing to transmission is close contact between individuals in both work and social settings, which then spreads the disease easily to individuals within households. In particular, since September 2020, SMDHU has observed a substantial increase in workplace transmission, often resulting in outbreaks. This is due, in part, to a failure of workplaces to meet the requirements of the provincial health and safety legislation and the public health preventive measures for the workplace.

As a result, Duntroon Highlands is taking the recommended precautions as set out by SMDHU, as well as other precautions, above and beyond those recommended, all to reduce the spread of COVID-19 between our staff and guests.



We have appointed a Compliance Officer (Stacie Smith) responsible for the implementation of all COVID-19 workplace protocols and the safety plan (outlined in this document) and the compliance with that safety plan, as well as the implementation and compliance with all required and recommended occupational health and safety and infection prevention and control measures.

The following document outlines our safety protocols and plan. If you have any questions, please contact Stacie Smith at: 705-445-3554



1. All Staff must have downloaded the Government of Canada COVID Screening App.

2. Each staff member will pre screen themselves before arriving at work. Active screening. Screening will take place daily for all workers attending the workplace. Screening will occur before or when a worker enters the workplace at the beginning of their day or shift. Temperature checks will be performed on staff as they arrive.  Workers with COVID-19 symptoms, or who have been identified as a close contact of a person diagnosed with COVID-19, are to be immediately excluded from work and encouraged to self-isolate and seek assessment and testing.

3. All staff will be encouraged to maintain a physical distance of at least 2 metres throughout the workplace, where reasonably possible, and during eating and rest periods (i.e. lunchrooms, change rooms). One-way walkways and workflows are provided to reduce the potential for and occurrence of close physical interaction between individuals, including between

4. Physical barriers have been installed in the Pro Shop and the Café to further protect both staff and guests. Physical distancing is preferable to the use of barriers where reasonably possible.

5. All staff are required to wear a face covering inside at all times. Face coverings must cover their mouth, nose and chin, and as best as possible.

6. All staff must wash and / or sanitize their hands on a regular basis and before all contact with shared equipment; door handles, POS machines, phones, etc…



1. Hand hygiene stations are placed throughout the facility and all guests are required to sanitize their hands upon entry. 80% alcohol-based hand rub is in dispenser throughout the building and outside.

2. Staff will adhere to a cleaning schedule for all areas accessible to the public, including washrooms, check-out counters, and other high-touch surfaces (i.e. doorknobs, accessible/elevator buttons, pay machines, ).

3. Guests arriving for snowshoeing (or golf in the summer) are required to wear face masks. Entry and service will be refused to those who do not wear proper masks. Note: we have face masks for sale for those who have legitimately forgotten to wear a mask.

4. All guests must book their snowshoeing time through our PlaySAFE (Chronogolf) system in advance. This system requires each snowshoer to provide the following: name, email, phone #. As well, the snowshoeing time and date is recorded for each person. If this information is required at any time, staff are directed to provide it to SMDHU.



1. Guests will be asked to sanitize their hands and will be required to wear a proper face covering when entering the building.

2. Guests will have pre-booked their snowshoe to a maximum of 4 people every 10 minutes. Like tee times for golf, this restricts the number of people onsite at one time.

  • Inside max – 4 guest + 2 staff
  • Outside max – 24 guests + 2 staff

3. Guests will be screened upon arrival through the same system as employees Active screening. If there is a discrepancy between guests’ answers and visual assessment of our staff, our staff are empowered to request more information (temperature check) or ask the guest to come back at another time.

4. All guests must book their snowshoeing time in advance through our tee-booking system (Chronogolf). This system requires each snowshoer to provide the following: name, email, phone #. As well, the snowshoeing time and date is recorded for each person. If this information is required at any time, staff are directed to provide it to SMDHU.



1. The Café at Duntroon Highlands will NOT be offering indoor dining until our region is declared Yellow or Green.

2. All dining will be casual, grab and go food and will be consumed outside, while seated.

3. Hours of operation are 9am – 4pm

4. We will only be selling liquor between the hours of 9 a.m. and 4 p.m.

5. All serving staff will wear a proper face mask in the public indoor space and when serving outdoors

6. All guests of the café will have had to check in with the Pro Shop and have registered using our PlaySAFE booking system.



1. If an employee is feeling unwell they are required to inform DUNTROON HIGHLANDS BEFORE they come to work. They are then required to either a) get a negative COVID-19 test before returning to work, or b) stay away from work for a minimum of 10 symptom free days.

2. If a worker is providing direct care to a suspect or confirmed case of COVID-19, regardless of where in the premises this occurs, ensure the worker wears appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE). A point-of- care risk assessment must occur and at a minimum, PPE must include a medical mask and eye protection. A face shield is not a replacement for a medical

3. If a worker, in the course of providing a service indoors, is required to come within two metres of another person who is not wearing a face covering and there is no separation (by physical barrier) between the worker and the other person, ensure the worker wears appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE). At a minimum, this would include a medical mask and eye protection. A face shield is not a replacement for a medical mask and eye protection.

4. If there is a positive case onsite, employees are required to do the following:

  • Close the facility
  • Entire facility will be cleaned and closed until SMDHU deems it appropriate to reopen
  • Report the case to SMDHU
  • Provide all of the contact information for everyone relevant to SMDHU
    • If it is a guest that is positive, contact information for everyone from the day they were on the premises will be provided to SMDHU
    • If it is an employee that is positive, everyone’s contact information who has been on the premises for the past week (or longer) will be provided to SMDHU



In order to maintain the safety of our guests and staff, we have instituted new and extensive protocols. It is essential that everyone follow our new procedures if we are to offer you golf this season. Please know that if you cannot or will not adhere to these protocols you will be asked to leave the property immediately.


  • Physical distancing of 2m mandatory at all times
  • Hand-sanitizing stations are placed throughout for your sanitary practices
  • Snowshoe rentals to be disinfected after each use
  • Indoor Dining is closed
  • Café is open for take out or patio dining
  • No sharing of food, beverage or inhalation products


  • All highly-contacted surfaces are regularly sanitized including all service-related surfaces
  • Our employees regularly wash and sanitize their hands
  • Our employees will stay home if sick
  • Our employees wear latex gloves when handling snowshoes, and / or other equipment


  • Stay home if you are sick!
  • Wash your hands with water and soap or sanitizer when on site
  • Do not share any food, drinks or inhalation devices


Golf presents the perfect activity for these times. With a huge property, players can easily maintain the required physical distancing measures of remaining 2m apart from peers while enjoying fresh air, outdoor exercise and the resulting positive mental benefits.



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