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The Course

Duntroon Highlands is famous for its challenging terrain and extraordinary views. Its exciting and adventurous par 71 course boasts Ontario’s highest driving range and tees. In fact, its 9th hole tee shot was voted one of the best elevated tee shots in all of Ontario! With well manicured fairways and challenging greens, the golf course is designed from level to rolling and open to tight. Water affects play on 12 holes, and magnificent maple trees line many fairways. At just under 6,000 yards and with distinct front and back 9 features, the course is well suited for golfers looking for shorter playing times.

The Land

Duntroon Highlands sits on the Niagara Escarpment, a long ridge that runs predominantly east/west from New York, through Ontario, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Illinois. The escarpment is most famous as the cliff over which the Niagara River plunges at Niagara Falls.  It was formed over millions of years through a process of differential erosion of rocks of different hardnesses.  The gradual removal of the soft rocks by streams and rivers undercut the resistant dolomitic limestone caprock (also known as “dolostone”), leaving the famous escarpment cliffs that shape the Duntroon Highlands parklands.

The Escarpment is a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve, only one of thirteen in Canada,  because of its unique escarpment cliffs and because it is home to one of the oldest forest ecosystems and trees in eastern North America.

The People

Duntroon Highlands exhibits a classic example of human use of natural heritage features.  When this area was settled over a century ago, tree cover was removed for agriculture and the land was utilized for sustenance of farming families.  Duntroon was one of the first farming towns established in 1834 by the first European settlers, many of whom came from the Bowmore in Scotland.

Duntroon Highlands was transformed from farmland to a parkland-style golf course by visionary Dalton Sampson and his family when it opened in 1986. Since then it has become one of the most popular golf courses in the region. In 2019, a Collingwood family passionate about the outdoors and the environment purchased Duntroon Highlands with the commitment to continue with the Sampson’s original vision of making it a four-season destination.

The Environment

Even though the lands have been altered from their natural state, there still exists an abundance of natural habitat types that provides for birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians. The botanical environment boasts a component of unaltered hardwood forest, coniferous forest and mixed successional transition areas where pioneering vegetation is reclaiming agricultural land.  Multiple streams spring from the escarpment rocks, forming the headwaters of the Batteaux Creek.  The land also plays host to part of the Bruce Trail, the oldest and longest marked hiking trail in Canada. It is 840 km long, with over 440 km of side trails!

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Duntroon Highlands Cafe


Our Café features a range of healthy to hearty menu options, inspired by the region's rich farming history. Our coffee and tea is made to exacting standards. We also carry a range of fine wines and local ciders and beers.

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  • RBC PGA Scramble Regional Qualifier

    Get your foursome together for a chance to go to the RBC PGA National Final Scramble

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    Jul 17
    8:00 AM
    9:00 PM
  • Croquet & Cocktails Tournament

    Dress in your ‘Sunday Best’ – circa 1920, and enjoy a relaxing afternoon high on the escarpment overlooking Georgian Bay while playing croquet and enjoying a summer cocktail.

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    Jul 10
  • Highlander Cup

    It's the return of the Highlander Cup Matches- a Ryder Cup style tournament with a twist.

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    Jul 24
    10:00 am
    7:00 pm
  • Women, Worth & Wellness September 16 Golf Fundraiser for CGMH

    Celebrating women’s health & wellness with LPGA Winner Sandra Post.

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    Sep 16
    8:30 AM
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