This year, Duntroon Highlands Golf has opened more than 15 kms of trails to help people get outdoors, enjoy the fresh air and breaktaking views.   Nestled high up on the Niagara escarpment, the Epic Snowshoeing at Duntroon Highlands Golf is quickly becoming one of the best winter activities near Collingwood and the Blue Mountains that can be enjoyed safely by the whole family.

Here are 7 reasons why Epic Snowshoeing at Duntroon Highlands Golf makes winter a bit more fun this year.

Breathtaking Views

The winter trails wind along the top of the Niagara Escarpment, providing breathtaking views of South Georgian Bay and the Nottawasaga Valley,  The Horizon Hike alone has 3 amazing lookouts that help you forget about life’s worries for at least a bit (there is actual medical evidence now that looking at wide horizons helps our mind rejuvenate!).


Rolling Trails and Meandering Paths

We’ve created winter hiking trails that are accessible to everyone.  Our Waterfall and Escarpment Trails are beautiful rolling paths that meander through hardwood forests and open fairways.  This helps to keep the kids interested in ‘what’s next’  and are great introductory adventures for snowshoers.  While the Horizon Hike, Maze and Upper Trails require some more effort to get up the ‘brow’ of the escarpment, we have created switchbacks to make the ascent enjoyable inspired by the great European hiking trails.  As a result, the design of the trails and paths avoids back, calf and quadricep strain that long, straight up and down escarpment routes can produce. Explore the snowshoe trails and map.


Après Snowshoe Drinks & Goodies

The Europeans have known for a long time that part of a great winter adventure is the Apres experience.  That’s why we always have a crackling fire burning beside the Clubhouse, with spectacular views of this winter wonderland.  And our licensed Cafe offers a delicious takeout selection of specialty warm beverages, goodies made locally by Chef Patrick and even has a Fireside S’more’ Kit!  Check out the Winter Menu!


Equipment Advice

Our staff have been trained to help you choose the right snowshoes (we do rent), as well as suggest the appropriate clothing and footwear to wear for the day’s conditions.  We have over 50 years of combined snowshoeing experience on staff and a constant thirst for knowledge about the latest and greatest equipment.  Having the right equipment makes the whole experience a lot more enjoyable.  Just call our Snow Shop at 705-445-3554 and ask for our snowshoeing ambassadors.


Snowshoe Rentals

We offer snowshoe rentals for kids and adults.  Be sure to call the Snow Shop before your adventure to make sure we have your snowshoes reserved and ready when you arrive.


Winter Outdoor Adventure

We bring a passion for snowshoeing honed by doing snowshoeing adventures around North America for many years.  In fact our trails were set by a highly experienced nationally ranked snowshoer who has competed from Collingwood to Colorado.  A good snowshoe adventure relies on well marked trails and regular trail maintenance…that’s why our staff go out every day to make sure the trails are in good condition.  We also access a specialized trail grooming machine when conditions require more extensive trail maintenance work.


Family Friendly

Bring the kids! The Waterfall Trail provides glimpses of a waterfall full of fresh spring water as well as the ‘fort forest’ made by PlayFitt camp kids this summer.  The Maze meanders through a hardwood forest where kids can cut their own line through the snowy landscape.  When conditions allow, we also open up ‘pow parks’ for freestyle snowshoeing through the powder.  It’s why Duntroon Highlands Golf is one of the top places recommended to go snowshoeing locally by the South Georgian Bay Tourism Association.


Call our Snow Shop at 705.445.3554 to reserve your PlaySafe start time.

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