Triple Crown Challenge Details:


Bucket Chipping Shot

  • This is the perfect way to practice your short game. With the target being approximately 15 yards away, use your chipping wedge and attempt to get the ball into as many buckets as your can.

Over the Net Lob Shot

  • This challenge is an excellent way to practice getting around difficult obstacles and dropping the ball just where you want it on the green. Using your Lob Wedge, the objective is to lob the ball over the netted wall approximately 12 feet high and land it on the green closest to the pin.
  • Bullseye Accuracy Shot
  • The most difficult challenge of all 3.  A 30-yard low-punch-shot where you are attempting to get the ball in the bullseye. A tip from Tony Rubes, Head Golf Professional is to use your 4 iron for great results.


  • Each participant to successfully complete all 3 challenges receives $5 Duntroon Highlands Dollars to be used at the event.