Speed Golf is essentially a faster more athletic format of golf. Speedgolfers who play competitively, do jog between shots but even those at the very top of the sport rarely sprint; Speedgolfers  think about Pace rather than Speed – finding an optimum pace for their fitness and endurance whilst maintaining their golf shot accuracy.


Speed Golf Score is a combination of Golf Strokes plus the Time to complete the round.  Whether taking a brisk walk, power walk or progressing to a jog, some or all of the time, Speedgolfers should also aim to save time by eliminating practice swings and other time consuming rituals that lead many to over-think their game. In doing so, contrary to what one might expect, many Speedgolfers actually find that their golf game improves!


The Course

  • Holes will be played on the front 9 from 1 to the 9th hole.



  • Time to complete the round shall be measured from the moment the player hits their initial shot on the first hole, until the moment the ball strikes the bottom of the cup on the last hole



Important Information

  • Individual player’s will start at 3 minute intervals
  • It is the player’s responsibility to bring however many balls you think you may need
  • Wear running shoes
  • Customized scoring sheets will be provided for each player to record your score between holes and for handing in at the Finish.