Nestled in the heart of Collingwood, AT Earthworks stands as a premier provider of earthworks services, driven by a commitment to excellence and community enrichment.


Founded under the leadership of Collingwood native Alex Trautrim, the company boasts a stellar reputation for its comprehensive range of services tailored to meet diverse residential and commercial needs.

Services Offered
AT Earthworks specializes in excavation, grading, landscaping, and paving services, offering meticulous attention to detail and a focus on delivering superior results. Whether preparing sites for construction or enhancing outdoor spaces with aesthetically pleasing landscaping, their expertise ensures projects are completed with precision and efficiency.

Community Involvement and Personal Touch
Alex Trautrim’s deep-rooted connection to Collingwood is evident not only in his professional endeavors but also in his personal passions.


A lover of golf and biking at Duntroon Highlands, Alex has played a pivotal role in enhancing the recreational experiences of locals. His contributions include improvements to tee decks, intricate ironwork, and recent landscaping around pickleball courts, all aimed at elevating the enjoyment and functionality of these spaces.

Beyond his professional achievements, Alex is actively involved in community service. He volunteers his time with organizations such as Collingwood Off Road Cycling (CORC), where his expertise in trail building and maintenance helps expand outdoor recreation opportunities while preserving natural landscapes.


Commitment to Sustainability
AT Earthworks prioritizes sustainability in their operations, employing eco-friendly practices to minimize environmental impact. Their approach underscores a responsibility to Collingwood’s natural beauty, ensuring projects not only enhance aesthetics but also contribute to long-term environmental stewardship.


Looking Ahead
As AT Earthworks continues to grow, their dedication to quality, community, and environmental sustainability remains unwavering. Under Alex Trautrim’s leadership, the company is poised to further enrich Collingwood’s landscape while setting new standards in earthworks excellence.

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