7 Reasons to be Excited About the 2021 Golf Season!

  • 1. After Thanksgiving we are going to start work on completely rebuilding #3 and #4 tees. We’ve heard the feedback loud and clear…we need larger tee boxes and we need to flatten them out. It does mean a few holes on the front 9 are going to be out-of-play but it means we can have the course ready to rock for the spring!

  • 2. The 9th tee gets a lot of traffic and rightfully so…it’s been called one of the greatest in Ontario. To make it even greater we will be tripling the size of the tee box. We are also going to be building a new cart path down to the lower 9th tee box. This will avoid the steep section that gets heavy two-way traffic.

  • 3. We are continuing our golf cart fleet upgrade program started this season. Not only are we investing into repairing our older carts but we will also be getting new carts to replace the aging fleet.

  • 4. The entire driveway is being rebuilt to reduce dust and water run-off. The reshaping of the driveway will reduce washouts and the new surface promises to reduce dust while providing a more driveable surface.

  • 5. We’ve simplified membership selection by removing the 5 Day Plus option and lowering the price of our Adult 7 Day Membership. Check out the new deals on our website or call the Pro Shop. 

  • 6. 2021 Memberships are on sale now!  We’ve made it easier to choose the right option. Members have asked for more options as it relates to cart s so all memberships now show the basic seasonal membership with the option to add on an annual cart for $600 (same as last year).

  • 7. The Flex Pack is back! We will once again be offering the Flex Pack for 2021. This time players can choose between an 18-hole or a 9-hole pack. Prices are frozen until November 1, so buy now!  There are no limits on how many you can purchase for next season.