Get Ready for Golf at Duntroon  Highlands with the right Equipment and Expert Advice

By Head Golf Pro Tony Rubes

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1. Sand Wedge – As with the Gap Wedge some sets do not come with a Sand Wedge. Some people think that Sand Wedges are only used to get out of greenside bunkers. Not true. The Sand Wedge should be used from the fairway for full shots from closely mown and rough areas around the green. The CBX2 from Cleveland has a wide sole to prevent digging and a milled face with Tour Zip Grooves for maximum spin and short game control.

> Suggested: Cleveland CBX2 $180


2. Grips – If you haven’t changed your grips in over two years and they are worn and slick it is time to get new grips. Dri-Tac by Winn has the softest feel and retains its tacky feel longer than most grips.

> Suggested: Winn Dri-Tac $14 installation included.


3. Sunday Bag: For those days when you want to walk a few holes with a few clubs these lightweight carry bags are ideal. The Heaven 7 lightweight carry bag has a double strap that distributes the weight evenly across the shoulders.

> Suggested: Heaven 7 by Big Max Lightweight Carry Bag $140


4. Gap Wedge – Many sets of clubs do not include a gap wedge. These are clubs that have become a must to have in your bag. With iron lofts becoming so strong most people find that they have a large distance gap between their Pitching and Sand Wedges.  The Mack Daddy from Callaway has a slightly larger head and cavity back design for more forgiveness and confidence.

> Suggested: Callaway Mack Daddy CB $ 180


5. Balls – There’s just something nice about the look of a new ball not to mention the performance. Playing balls that are several years old doesn’t help your golf game. Tour Soft by Titleist gets you the distance and spin of a premium ball at an affordable price.

> Suggested: Titleist Tour Soft $14


6. Gloves – Are you using an old, crumpled, dried out glove with a nicely worn hole in the palm? If so you might as well not be wearing a glove at all. The Custom by FootJoy is a premium all leather glove that comes with a logoed ball marker. All leather is the way to go for feel and grip.

> Suggested: FootJoy Custom $25


7. Golf Shoes – Do your shoes feel like a comfy pair of slippers. They feel great but they are not doing the job of a golf shoe. The Flex XP by Footjoy gives you great feel and support in a lightweight waterproof shoe.

> Suggested: FootJoy Flex XP $120


8. Lessons – Whether you are just taking up the game or are a seasoned veteran it never hurts to have a lesson or a pre-season check-up. Even the best players can unknowingly have bad habits creep into their golf swings. Lessons are one on one and can be tailored to your needs. Duration: 45 minutes.

> Suggested: Single Private Lesson $75


9. Outerwear – Nothing is worse than arriving at the golf course only to find it’s colder than you thought. Always keep a lightweight mid-layer in your bag. The Churchill comes with a hood and pockets to keep your head and hands warm.

> Suggested: The Churchill from Salute by Levelwear $85 (with Duntroon Highlands Logo)


10. Headwear – Protection from the sun is very important for all of us and unless you are slathering you whole head and face multiple times a day you need some form of headwear. The Trucker Style Picture Cap gives you a lightweight breathable option with a cool picture of the course.

> Suggested: Duntroon Highlands Logoed Picture Cap $25


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