We are excited to offer 2023 Members the following Match Play categories:

– Mens Singles

– Mens Doubles

– Ladies Singles

– Ladies Doubles

– Mixed Doubles

  • Singles – $10/Player
  • Team – $30/Team

Start Date: 
  • – Round 1 begins May 29th
  • – Each round players will get 3 weeks to complete their match. If the Match is not completed within those 3 weeks, it will be determined by a Coin Flip. No Extensions.
  • – It is up to the participants to come to an agreement on a tee time that works for both sides.

Contact Shawn Bodiam, Manager, Golf Operations

  • All players MUST have a registered Golf Canada Handicap with consistent scores being posted. This keeps the competition fair and fun! Handicaps will be updated at the beginning of each round.

What is Match Play:
Match Play is a form of play where Players or Teams go head to head against each other. The winner is determined by how many holes a player/team wins. To win a hole, you and/or your partner must get a lower score on the hole than your opponent.  If the match reaches the point where you do not have enough holes left to catch your opponent, the match is over. example – if you are up by 5 Holes after the 14th hole, your opponent does not have the chance to catch up and the match is over.