Raising Funds for the Team GIVE’R Foundation


We have created this foundation in honour of our friend, Kenneth McAlpine.


The word GIVE’R has two meanings; give it all you got, 100%, full commitment and Give Back to those in need! Kenneth was the ultimate Give Back guy. He demonstrated this kind, wholehearted behavior on a daily basis in every community he joined.


We focus on his two biggest passions in life; cooking and skiing by supporting and giving back to those in need. These people are either looking to pursue culinary arts as a career or get into the sport of skiing or advance their skillsets to new levels.

Kenneth’s Walk on Saturday September 23

It’s a Saturday afternoon 2.5 km guided walk around Duntroon Highlands with friends and family in small groups of 20-25.


Groups start from one of the 6 sampling stations at noon.  They move to the next station every 35 minutes.  Each station features the delicious creations from a local chef paired with a local beverage.


During the walk, enjoy the company of great friends, family and memories while enjoying the fresh air, fall colours and breathtaking views. 


Enjoy the apres! 

  • > At 4:30 we are excited to have several of the recipient’s of the Foundation’s funds say a few words of appreciation. 
  • > Live music starts at 5pm.
  • > Silent Auction closes at 6:30 pm
  • > Delicious food & beverages continue!

Team GIVE’R Table

Check-in here, get your serving dish from The Paint Bar, find out what group you’re in and buy Team GIVE’R merchandise


Sponsor: Ian Hawkins & Cindy Ryerse Real Estate

Silent Auction Table

> Incredible collection of items open for bidding from 11:30 am to 6:30 pm

> To donate a prize contact [email protected]


> Watch auction items preview @teamgiver

Tasting Stations

The Food: Chef Leonna
The Pairing: Rorschach Brewing
The Details: Double Smoked Bacon Corn Chowder with homemade sourdough

The Sponsor: Scenic Caves


The Food: Chef Hilary Knight
The Pairing: Thornbury Craft Co. Cider & Brew House
The Details: Soft Salmon tacos (Pan seared salmon, with spinach, a broccoli slaw with pine nits, currants and topped off with bacon. Veggie option as well.

The Sponsor: Blue Mountain Chrysler


The Food: BRGRZ
The Pairing: Collingwood Brewery
The Details: Burger Sliders (lettuce, tomato, onion, ketchup, mustard, brgrz special sauce).
The Sponsor: DunnCap


The Food: Junior Sous Chef Aneurin Dooley-Phillips
The Pairing: Side Launch Brewing Co.
The Details: Trout Gravlax with a mustard dill sauce and pickled beets on a warmed baguette OR Grilled Tuna steak with a roasted red pepper sauce, a corn & fennel relish served on a toasted baguette. Veggie option: roasted eggplant dip with grilled pita

The Sponsor: Sanimax


The Food: The Nomad Home Chef – Ryan Praskey
The Pairing: Black Bellows Brewing Co
The Details: Wild foraged chanterelle mushrooms on toast, pickled red onions, garlic scape salsa verde.

The Sponsor: Ainger Group


The Food: Bruce Wine Bar
The Pairing: Heretic Spirits
The Details: Charcoal grilled lamb with sumac and rosemary. Wood oven roasted squash, pea shoots, caramelized shallots, harissa pumpkin seeds, lime & mint Secret Lands sheep yogurt

The Sponsor: Facca Incorporated



>Includes Recipient Speeches at 4:30 pm


>Live music by the Mirage Band at 5:00 pm


>Bare Axe Throwing 


>Black Box Catering with Chef Justin and Chef Terry will be serving some evening signature delicacies


>Andrea Greyerbiehl serving Pom Pom ice cream float 2 ways ~ Dairy or plant-based vanilla ice cream with Good Grief Coffee and Dillon’s Rye (optional).  Finished with fresh whipped cream and biscotti.


>Pairings: Georgian Hills Wine, Bangarang Hard Seltzer from Equals Brewing


Sponsor: Huronia Alarms


Drive Your Car & Reserve Your Parking

Parking will only be available for 30 cars.  So be sure to pre-buy your parking spot and share your car with friends and family.

Car Pool

Talk to your friends and figure out who you can get a ride with or get someone to pick you up afterwards. 


Be smart and safe. 


Please don’t drink and drive.

Located Near Duntroon Highlands

Nestled high on the Niagara Escarpment, Kenneth’s Walk starts and finishes from The Highlands House, just south of the golf course. 


The walk will cross fields, meander through forests, follow streams and cross the golf course. 

NEW- Kenny’s Concert Friday Night

We’re excited to be adding a new event this year…Kenny’s Concert featuring local band Moondoggy.  Only 100 tickets available for this special concert at The Barn at Duntroon Highlands.


In addition to great music, enjoy food from the Black Box Mobile Kitchen and drinks from Side Launch Brewing.


Sponsor: Side Launch Brewing

Culinary Experts



Chef Leona



Chef Hilary Knight 



Junior Sous Chef Aneurin Dooley-Phillips

Craft Beverages

Station Sponsors

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Contact Ryan at [email protected]