We Support Golf Ontario’s Efforts to Re-Open Golf Courses in Ontario So People Can Get Out and Play

Below is a message sent out by Golf Ontario and other golf associations that we completely support.  We encourage you to share this message in an effort to continue lobbying the government to focus on the facts that can effectively fight COVID-19 and support the well-being of communities across Ontario.

And it is incredibly important for the mental and physical well-being of so many.
In fact, the Ontario COVID-19 Science Table’s Fighting COVID-19 in Ontario: The Way Forward, states that “Maintaining social connections and outdoor activity are important to our overall physical and mental health … It means clearly encouraging safe outdoor activities”.
It is time to reopen safe outdoor activities.

WE ARE GOLF, a consortium of golf associations lead by Golf Ontario, recently issued a bold statement to the provincial government, urging for the re-opening of golf courses for the physical and mental well being of Ontario’s residents.