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Yoga for Golf Workshop

  • 26/09/2021
  • 8:30 am - 1:00 pm

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Improve Your Golf Game

Improve your golf game with a new approach.  Join Edie Gudaitis and Golf Pro Tony Rubes on July 23 as they help you develop a practical stretching routine. This introductory clinic combines basic movements, yoga positions and mindfulness to improve your driving distance, gain more rotation and reduce lower back discomfort.

The workshop takes place on an outdoors plateau above the Duntroon Highlands golf course.  Surrounded by escarpment forests, this unique event includes a golf-centric stretching clinic, a fresh juice refreshment break, a light healthy lunch and a session on how to apply stretching & flexibility to the game of golf.

This workshop is for you if you want to:

> Improve your driving distance
> Gain more rotation for your swing
> Improve low back discomfort
> Cultivate more calm and ease in your golf game
> Deepen your connection with your body & mind

The Science of Stretching for Golf

A golf swing is a series of compound actions that function in an organized sequence to drive a golf ball far and straight. A number of physical attributes all come together, in less than a second, to influence ball flight: strength, stability, mobility, cardiovascular fitness as well as adequate flexibility in the hips, core, and shoulder areas.

Stretching your hips, core, and shoulder areas has been proven to improve your golf game.  According to a 2015 study, a 12-week golf specific stretch program showed statistical changes on golfer’s performance. Golfer’s in the study experienced an average improvement of 13yds in driving distance and 23% increase in accuracy.


The Workshop Flow

This workshop will introduce golfers to basic yoga movements and stretches that can be included in a regular stretching routine, and provide practical tips on applying them to your swing.

>Start time: 8:30am.

>Walk up to the Yoga area

>45 minute Yoga and stretch

> Fresh juice refreshment at the forest grove

> Mindfulness session to help with mental focus during golf

> Early lunch on Cafe patio with guest speaker Tony Rubes, our Head Golf Pro, talking about practical aspects of stretching and mindfulness in improving your game.


Your Instructor

Edie Gudaitis, a local golfer and a Yoga + Mindfulness Coach. She brings extensive experience leading corporate Yoga & Meditation sessions, Mindfulness workshops and “Recharge” programs. Read more about her at www.ediegudaitiswellness.com.


Sign up now as there are only 12 spots for this very special event.

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Watch Edie’s video on how stretching and mindfulness can help your golf game. Watch Now.

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