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Highlander Cup at Duntroon Highlands- July 25

  • 25/07/2021
  • 10:00 am - 7:00 pm

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This is one of the most popular events at Duntroon Highlands.  Members, Guests of Members* and Flex Pack holders* will fight it out for bragging rights to the title of Highlander Cup Champion. Returning players will once again play for the team they were on last year and new players will be assigned a team that will become their team for years to come.  The team’s names are inspired by the original founders of Duntroon Highlands, Dalton and Jean Sampson.

*must have a Golf Handicap in order to participate

RESULTS: 2021 team results available HERE.

FORMAT: Ryder Cup with a Twist

  • Team Dalton (white) vs. Team Jean (grey)
  • Two players from each team will be paired up within a foursome to take on two players from the other team in a series of three 6-hole matches.
  • Live announcing will begin at 5 pm, making the last few foursomes coming through the 18th hole crowd favourites as Tony does live score keeping for Team Dalton vs Team Jean


  • Matches are 6 holes only and end in either a win or a tie.
  • They do not extend past the allotted 6 holes.
  • Each match is worth 1 point. Halved matches are worth ½ point for each team.
  • The winning team will have earned at least half the points available plus ½ point or more.
  • In the event of a tie Team Jean will retain the Cup.
  • Strokes will be allotted to players or teams according to formulas for each format.


  • All players will receive either a grey or white Duntroon Highlands logo’d towel and hat
  • Colour will depend on which team player is on…Team Dalton (white) or Team Jean (grey)


Holes 1-6 Better Ball.

  • Each player plays his or her ball and the best Net score for each hole from each team
    determines which team wins the hole.

Holes 7-12 Modified Alternate shot.

  • Both members and guests of members of each team tee off on each hole and play alternates from the selected drive
    until the ball is holed. Please note that a penalty stroke does not count as a shot taken by the
    next player.

Holes 13-18 Two person Scramble.

  • All players tee off and each team chooses the best shot of two and each plays a second shot
    from that position. Continue until the ball is holed and record one net score for the team.


  • Will be served on the extended Fairway Patio 4:30-6:30 pm
  • Enjoy it at a table or in your cart closer to the 18th green
  • Choice of All-day smoked chicken wings or freshly made flatbread
  • Lots of extras to make this a delicious early dinner


  • $50 + tax


Sign up and pay for the Highlander Cup at the Pro Shop or by calling 705-445-3554.  There is a limit of 80 players (40 per team) so make sure to register early!


  • Teams may concede a hole at any time during the play of that hole. Putts that are conceded are good even if the player chooses to putt it as practice and misses. Players may practice putting on the green once the hole has been completed provided they do not hold up play.

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