Nestled in the scenic beauty of the Escarpment near Collingwood and Blue Mountains, Duntroon Highlands Golf has taken a significant leap forward in enhancing the overall golfing experience by introducing state-of-the-art outdoor digital billboards. In a groundbreaking partnership with Big Digital and Lightspeed, Duntroon Highlands Golf has seamlessly combined technology, design, and functionality to create a golfing haven that’s as visually captivating as informative.


“We’re thrilled to team up with Duntroon Highlands Golf and Lightspeed, working together to redefine golf. Through our collaboration, we’ve utilized technology, design, and function to offer real-time information, support local businesses, and elevate the course’s visual appeal. This partnership is reshaping the golfing experience for an exciting future.” Matthew Diamond, CGO, BIG Digital


Elevating the Golfing Experience

Golf enthusiasts and visitors to Duntroon Highlands Golf can now experience the perfect blend of nature and technology as they navigate the sprawling greens. The new eye-level & freestanding digital billboards, strategically positioned at the Starter Shack and at the start of the back 9, have added a new dimension to the game, offering valuable information and engaging content to both seasoned players and newcomers.


Partnerships that Make it Happen

Duntroon Highlands Golf, an 18 hole public golf course that has been voted #1 course in the region four years in a row, has chosen to partner with two industry leaders to make this vision a reality. BIG Digital is renowned for its expertise in designing, deploying and powering purpose-built digital billboards and interactive kiosk solutions that offer an engaging visual experience. Lightspeed, is a world leader in cloud-based technology for the golf & hospitality industry, making integrating these digital experiences to Duntroon Highlands Golf course seamless, efficient, and customer-friendly.


Features That Stand Out

These innovative & purpose-built portable digital billboards, known as the world’s only solution of their kind, and engaging, dynamic content boast a variety of features, enriching the golfing experience in several ways:

  • > Real-time Course Information: Players and Starters can access up-to-the-minute data on the course layout, weather conditions, and, most importantly, the tee sheet. This dramatically improves the ease and efficiency at the 1st tee as players can see their tee times relative to other players, and the Starter can see any updates to the tee sheet in real-time. This has eliminated the need for printed sheets and numerous updates that used to be required daily. And it can help manage critical pace of play on busy days.
  • > Sponsorship and Promotion: The digital displays serve as a platform for promoting local businesses and sponsors. It has also allowed the Highlands Cafe to promote weekly specials using an on-screen QR code that links players to the current menu and lets them call ahead to order takeout. This provides a win-win opportunity for businesses to gain exposure and for the golf course to support local commerce.
  • > Interactive Mapping: Players can access detailed course maps, helping them strategize their game effectively. This feature is especially beneficial for those playing the course for the first time. The portable digital billboards also provide a different QR code that lets players link to the virtual golf course tour available at
  • > Event Notifications: Stay updated on upcoming events, tournaments, and special promotions happening at Duntroon Highlands Golf, ensuring players never miss out on an exciting opportunity. With Duntroon Highlands a mecca for golf tournaments, pickleball tournaments, culinary events, and fundraisers, there is always something to showcase.
  • > Purpose Built Innovation for Mobility & Enhanced Aesthetics: The high-definition displays, made in North America and featuring a patented design for effortless mobility, add a touch of modern elegance to the course, elevating its overall appeal.


What’s Next?

With this groundbreaking partnership, Duntroon Highlands Golf has set a new benchmark for technological integration at golf resorts. As technology continues to evolve, so will the potential of these digital billboards. “There’s no doubt that the digital billboards have provided golfers with a more immersive and informative experience by being able to update them with up to the minute information, especially as it relates to the tee sheet and getting players off the 1st tee on time,” concluded Martin Rydlo, owner of Duntroon Highlands Resort Ltd.