Since Duntroon Highlands changed hands in 2019, the new owners have been working with many local businesses and community partners to create a premier recreational destination in Clearview Township.  Over the last 18 months, they have invested more than a quarter million dollars in renovations and improvements to this unique golf property, working with local business owners and businesses such as John Ferris, Natural Blends Landscaping & Contracting, VisualFX Signs & Designs, Greenland Engineering and Clearview Nursey to name a few. 


More than 20 different projects have been completed in the last two years.  More improvements are coming in 2022 and beyond including: expanding and increasing aeration of tee decks, renovated cart paths, a new irrigation pump, piping and sprinkler heads, a tree maintenance program as well as aesthetic course and turf rehabilitation.


Below is a summary of all the projects completed:


Course Improvements

  • > Expanded 3 tee decks, almost tripling the size of each.
  • > Improved the condition of 3 greens with added features.
  • > Reshaped the 2nd fairway to help with the player experience.
  • > Ongoing improvements to the irrigation system.
  • > Rehabilitated irrigation pond and pond bypass to maintain a healthy fish habitat throughout these headwaters of the Batteaux Creek.
  • > Hydroseeded extensive parts of the course to ensure quality turf along the main fairways.
  • > Improved the condition of key cart path sections going up to driving range and coming down from 9th tee.
  • > Replaced over half of the cart fleet with newer, more efficient golf carts.
  • > Planted more than 15 new trees to replace dead ones and improve the surroundings.
  • > Invested in hiring an on-site mechanic to ensure golf carts are always operating in good condition and with wind screens.
  • > Installed an internet connected weather station on the 18th fairway to help with turf management and improved irrigation precision.

Clubhouse Improvements

  • > Renovated the interior to provide better access to the Pro Shop and Cafe. 
  • > Completely redesigned the kitchen to provide cleaner, faster food experience; expanded the beverage serving offerings including better beer taps and espresso machine. 
  • > Created a new fairway patio to let guests enjoy more outdoor dining space beside the 18th fairway. 
  • > Improved the safety of the steps to the Clubhouse.
  • > Upgraded the online booking system and website to improve guest’s online experience.


Other Improvements

  • > Renovated the access road and resurfaced it with crushed asphalt to provide a smoother roadway with less access.
  • > Built a new roundabout to help manage traffic and improve the visual appeal for arrivals.
  • > Introduced new staff uniforms to help identify them to guests.
  • > Improved the condition of the Maintenance Shed to ensure best practices can be followed while providing better shelter during inclement weather.
  • > Renovated the Starter Shack to provide cleaner washrooms, room to change, and giving Starters better protection during inclement weather.
  • > Rebuilt the Caddy Shack to provide a wider range of food and beverages, including a BBQ to make fresh hamburgers and sausages daily.