Celebrate the Joy of Snowy Winter Fun.

On February 26th at Duntroon Highlands we’ll be snowshoeing the distance of the 7 tallest summits in the world to support Canadians living with melanoma and skin cancer.  Sun protection is often overlooked in the winter, despite the risk of UV damage being equally as dangerous as it is in the summer due to reflection off of snow and ice. Join us as we help raise awareness to the importance of winter skin safety while getting outside for a uniquely fun event this February! 

It’ll be a team effort to snowshoe all 43.29kms on the 26th so be sure to put together a wicked team – the bigger the better! Up for even more of a challenge? Get multiple teams together and compete against one another! Maybe accounting vs marketing? In-laws vs in-laws? friends vs friends? This is the perfect opportunity to settle it once and for all. 


No snowshoes? No worries, there will be plenty available to rent or try for free (if you fundraise $500). Not a fan of snowshoeing? The afternoon will feature some great entertainment, including music, activities for kids, an amazing lunch from the Godfather of the Grill – Ted Reader, and an awesome silent auction with proceeds going to support Melanoma Canada. 

7 Easy Steps to tackle the 7 Summit Snowshoe Challenge

1- Sign-up


All you need to do is head to 7 Summits.ca and select our In-Person event page. From there you’ll head to the register button in the top right and create a team! Enter your details and be share it with your friends and family so they can join or donate to your team and you’re good to go.

2- Prep Your Team


You can add team members after you’ve registered.  Once you have a team name and show you’re committed to doing 7 Summits, your friends and family are going to be that much more interested in doing it with you.  Make sure you let them know which Summits you plan to snowshoe.

3- Fundraise


Reach out to people and let them know what Summits you’re planning to peak. 


The more peaks you plan to summit the more they will likely donate.  The fundraising target is $250 per person.

4- Get Your Gear Ready


Make sure you’ve got some good winter boots and socks, active breathable snow pants, and several thin layers of active wear. Top it off with a windbreaker or light winter jacket.  It gets warm when you’re moving!  Don’t forget your gloves and hat! 


If you don’t have snowshoes, they will be available for rent for $15.

5- Come to the Clubhouse


The start of 7 Summits is at the Duntroon Highlands Golf Clubhouse.  There’s plenty of parking right beside the Clubhouse and clean, warm indoor washrooms.  There is also a Cafe and Snow Shop to pickup any last minute gear. 


You’ll also get your final briefing here before you begin your ascent of the Summits!  This includes a map with all the details you’ll need to have to make the day a fun and safe experience.

6- Go!


You’ll start off heading up to Base Camp.  Here you’ll find a tent, warming fire and refreshments.  Some shorter routes will head back to the Clubhouse, others will come back around to Base Camp before heading down again, and the longer routes will head up higher. 


All the trails will be really well marked with the summit names!

7- Apres


There is nothing like the feeling of finishing an adventure and enjoying the company of friends and family along with the warmth of a crackling fire, a cozy licensed Cafe and music.


Plus a delicious 2 option lunch menu made by the Godfather of the Grill – Ted Reader.


Start getting ready for this unmissable event on February 26th at Duntroon Highlands!



Located at Duntroon Highlands Resort

Nestled high on the Niagara Escarpment, the Duntroon Highlands golf course is one of the highest in Ontario.  That makes for some spectacular views.  It’s also surrounded by a rich hardwood forest and a network of trails including access to the Bruce Trail. 


In the winter time we offer a venue for special events with more than 15km of epic snowshoeing trails, a Cafe, outdoor fires and a licensed indoor meeting space.

Breathtaking Views


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